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I’m a maker & creator, lover of all things that sparkle in pink & gold, fueled by energy drinks & sweet treats & I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sugar addict. 

Hi, my name is Monique.

I’m a photographer, prop stylist, retoucher & creator of all the femininely styled stock photos including beautiful flat lays, mock-ups and workspace themes available in the shop.

I love creating these collections for you & your biz so that you don’t have to!

My love affair with photography began a really long time ago & since I’m a huuuge believer of the saying, “Do what you love and then do more of it”, I knew I had to find a way to make my love for photography into something I could always be surrounded by.

After finished my 2-year photography Diploma with my main focus being studio photography & graduating top of my class *curtsy* I stumbled into the stock photo industry in 2009 & have never looked back.
Over the years I’ve had my stock images sold on the biggest stock photo sites in the industry & have learnt so much along the way including quality control & the legalities that come with selling Royalty Free Stock photos.

Visual content has become indispensable today, especially in this content driven online world that we live in. They don’t say “a picture is worth a thousand words” for nothin’ ya know!

Since it acts as the catalyst for any business to make its mark on the world, I create these styled stock collections to empower you as a female business owner and entrepreneur who wants to establish their business & grow it into the brand of their dreams.

These stock photo collections include gorgeous photos at your fingertips that can be used for all your social media, website & marketing needs. They are perfect for service-based female business owners, course creators, bloggers and online educators, who need help building and growing their biz with visual content. Content that lets your brand shine & forge a cohesive presence, between all your online spaces.

This will give your business that professional edge that can catapult it to the next level by enhancing your brand. This will decidedly lead to a growth in your online visibility, audience, traffic and ultimately attracting your dream clients.

I know how being the person to wear all the hats in your business can be really tough. As a mompreneur myself, I know the struggle & can totally relate! But at the same time, I also know how great it can be. The absolute joy and thrill of building a business that thrives an& d the satisfaction of being able to ensure the happiness of you & your family are some of the best feelings you will ever feel.

My hope to step in & take away some of that stress. I want to help women who want more time for their business, family or even some precious me-time to get just that.

Styled stock photos undoubtedly save you the hassle, frustrations and time, of having you create a constant flow of imagery for all your business needs on your own.

Having these resources available to you will keep you focused on the parts of your biz that need you the most, allowing you to remain in your zone of genius & channel your energies to do what you do best like the tasks that actually bring in the big monies.

Conveying your brand message perfectly is of vital importance and with big collections of stock photos available in the SHOP, you’ll no longer have to worry about continuously searching for photos that seamlessly align with your messaging & brand.

My best biz days are either when I’m in my tiny spare room studio (which is filled to the brim with my forever growing accumulation of stationery & props) shooting a new collection of images or hiding behind my PC editing them.

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom are like my good ol’ friends whom I love spending loads of time with but when my PC gets jealous of all the fun we are having & decides it randomly needs a restart, I try not to take it to heart… or out on my monitor either.

I’m a born and bred Capetonian and proudly South African. Sugar-free energy drinks are my go-to when I need a caffeine injected pick-my-up. Why not coffee you ask? Well, it might surprise you to know that I have never had a cup of coffee before. I know right!
And you might be thinking… What kind of mom are you? But I assure you that I’m a human one. Or at least I think I am!… I digress! Buuuuut I do love me some tea on cold days and I am pretty proud of the extensive tea collection I have too.

I looove trying out new sweet treats or desserts. My obsession for all things sweet, cannot be put into words so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I guess it can only be matched with my obsession with stationery, which I have become an absolute hoarder of over the years. But that’s okay. You know why? Because now I have the perfect outlet to showcase them and put them to good use.

My stock collections are lovingly made up of these treasures, which I can share with you so that you can love them too, without you having to rack up the expenses of buying them yourself or storing them in spaces that you could be using for other of your more important treasures.

I also love hovering around the fresh flower section to see what beauties are available at any given time of the year. The scenes and scents of these, inject endless inspiration in me to create new collections where I can showcase them too.

When I’m not busy working on new collections, I’m usually going for weekend family trips to the park or walks along the promenade. Mostly in an attempt to tire my little human out so I can sloth (my decaffeinated spirit animal) around on the couch after he is snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in his bed for the night.

A perfect evening for me is being able to binge watch the latest action/thriller/horror series on Netflix. No chick flicks for me thanks! All while chillin’ on the couch with the hubby. Yip, I’m a wife and a mom to my little human. I’m also the bestest oldest sister ever & have a niece that I adore. So sister, if you’re reading this…You’re welcome!!!

Coming full circle, let me tell you how my love for photography began. When I was a young girl, I found my dad’s, then already, really really old, Canon camera and a whole bunch of lenses, neatly packed away in the cupboard. It was love at first sight! It truly was.

This meant when it came to me picking which brand I wanted to go with when I bought my first big girl camera, all I had to do was follow my heart and it was simply a no-brainer. I’m currently loving my Canon 5D MkIII and I always get such big heart eyes when I see it and get to press all its buttons.

I love love LOVE what I do…


So, if you need me I will be right here, in my studio, creating style stock photo collections for you to use in your business to create a strong visual brand with, taking it to the next level, while building the business you imagine & attracting your dream clients, all with imagery you love!

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With Love

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One response to “My Story”

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